Dakota Sanitation Demolition Services

Do you have a building on your property that should be removed? If you are a landowner, it could be an old house, outbuilding, or a garage that doesn’t fit your needs. Maybe you have a farm with deteriorating buildings that are becoming dangerous.

Like that old leaning barn, aged buildings on your property that aren’t being used are dangerous, attract pests, and sometimes are inviting to people that will use them in undesirable ways. It’s time to tear down those old structures, and Dakota Sanitation is the only call you have to make.

Dakota Sanitation can demolish houses, garages, barns and other outbuildings. We handle the entire project from the initial quote, site survey, then accurately knocking down the structure and the hauling away of all debris. We take before and after photos to document the entire process.

What you can expect during your demolition project.

For demolition quotes, Dakota Sanitation works on Fixed Bids or an on your Honor Bid, where you pay only for time and expenses. While a Fixed Bid is often the easiest to budget for, an on your Honor bid will usually save you the most money.

Our team delivers all roll-off containers and equipment to complete the job either at the start of the job day or the night before. Before the demolition can start, you are responsible for disconnecting any power, water, gas, and sewer. Dakota Sanitation takes safety very seriously in all our demolition projects. Therefore, during the demolition process, it is vital that all only the demolition personnel be on the property to ensure safety to the general public and surrounding structures. As the structure is demolished, we will load everything piece by piece into our roll-off containers and take the debris to a local landfill. You are then left with a clean, open, space on your property to immediately build, plant grass, or use as you see fit.

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