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What Can I Recycle?

Dakota Sanitation Recycling Guide

Knowing what to put into the Recycling Bin is very important!

Single-sort recycling is an easy and convenient as long as the garbage works with our systems. Certain items that you would think are recyclable are not because there shape. For example, everyone knows that paper is a recyclable material. But shredded paper is the #1 contaminant item for single sort recycling. Shredded paper wraps around the equipment and brings the process to a halt. Please follow the rest of the guide to help keep our recycling program running smoothly.

What to Recycle

Top 10 Recyclable Items

All plastic containers with the symbols 1-7 are recyclable. This typically includes water bottles, milk jugs, juice and yogurt containers. Please refer to the following symbols to ensure your container is recyclable.

All colored glass, beer bottles, wine bottles, or any glass that is not auto, window, or miror glass. Also, classware not used to contain products like cookware, drinking glasses and vases are not recyclable.

Brown grocery bags, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, office/school paper, paperboard can all be recycled.

Cake, cereal and snack boxes, milk and juice cartons are safe to recycle.

Cardboard (non-waxed) boxes, flattened are a great item to recycle as long as they are not food soiled.

Aerosol cans (non-toxic and no caps), aluminum and tin cans, beer cans, metal household items (cooking pots/pans), steel food cans can all be recycled.

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Recyclable Materials ACCEPTED:

• Aerosol cans (non-toxic and no caps)
• All colored glass
• Aluminum and tin cans
• Beer cans/bottles
• Beer & soda cases
• Brown grocery bags
• Cake, cereal, and snack boxes
• Cardboard (non-waxed)
• Catalogs, magazines, office/school paper
• Metal household items (cooking pots/pans)
• Milk and juice cartons
• Plastic containers with the symbols #1-7
• Squeezable bottles with symbol #41-7
• Paperboard, and Pizza deliver boxes
• Plastic toys
• Junk Mail, telephone books & Newspaper
• Tin & other household metals
• Steel food cans & Empty aerosol cans
• Juice and berry containers
• Water bottles, milk jugs, butter and yogurt tubs

Materials NOT Accepted:

• Auto, window, or mirror glass
• Ceramics & porcelain
• Clothes, coat hangers or diapers
• Electronic waste (batteries, phones, etc.)
• Food waste, organic materials & paper products with food residue
• Garden hoses or compostable plastics (#7 PLA)
• Glassware not used to contain products (cookware, drinking glasses, vases)
• Hazardous chemicals (insecticide, herbicide)
• Light bulbs & & Christmas Lights
• Motor oil (also no motor oil containers)
• Needles, syringes, or other medical waste
• Packing peanuts
• Paper towels, napkins, plates & tissues
• Plastic bags (garbage or grocery), wraps & film
• Plastic tarps
• Microwave trays or hazardous chemical containers
• Styrofoam
• Waxed cardboard
• Yard waste (grass, leaves, dirt)