Don’t get down and dirty with your trash, let Dakota Sanitation do that for you. Garbage removal in North Dakota doesn’t have to be hard. The professionals at Dakota Sanitation have several service options to meet your trash collection and disposal needs.

Our dumpsters are the best in the business. Most people might think there is no big difference when it comes to trash collection, but there is. This is the Dakota Sanitation difference. First off our dumpsters are all rear loading and driveway friendly. Second, our dumpsters are delivered and picked up by the lightest trucks in the industry. Which means there will not be a heavy truck rolling into your driveway. Rear loading dumpsters have several more benefits. Check out our dumpster details below.

  • Allows for more trash collection.
  • Lighter dumpster that reduces the chance of damaging property.
  • Any size for any job.
  • Driveway friendly so your concrete won't break.
  • Great for limited spaces.
  • Use 100% of the dumpster space.
  • Pickup service from the job site when you need it.