Dakota Sanitation Roll-Off Dumpster Services

Dakota Sanitation delivers roll-off dumpsters all around North Dakota. Contractors and homeowners both utilize our containers to clean up job sites or dispose of the debris during a DIY home project. Almost anything can be disposed of in our roll-off dumpsters. Getting a roll-off container delivered to your location is easy, fill out our request form (here) or call us 701-258-4679. We will deliver the roll-off, you fill it up, call us to pick it up and we will haul it away to the landfill. It’s that easy.

Roll-Off Container Sizes

At Dakota Sanitation, we carry a variety of roll-off dumpsters to meet your needs. The type of project and what you want disposed of determines which container is right for you. There are many variables, and if this is your first time renting a roll-off dumpster, it is wise to call Dakota Sanitation at 701-258-4679 and we can guide you to the right rental.

20 Yard Lowboy Container

Call 701-258-4679 for more details on this particular roll off container.

20 Yard Driveway Friendly Roll-Off

Our most popular container for residential and construction projects. Delivered by truck and trailer, our driveway friendly roll-offs are much lighter by design to reduce the risk of cracking and breaking your concrete driveway. They are also great for getting into places with limited access space.

30 Yard Roll-Off

Our 30 yard containers are popular for larger projects such as apartment building construction, hotels, or multiple home builds in the same area at the same time.

30 Yard Lidded Roll-Off

The 30 Yard lidded Roll-Off has the same features as our normal 30 Yard, but with a retractable lid. A lid aids in keeping storm water weight out protects against unauthorized dumping and content theft while keeping your property cleaner by preventing the wind from carrying debris out of the container.

Roll-Off Concrete Washout Container

During the process of any major construction project, wet slurry concrete must be disposed of properly in order to be compliant with the city & EPA regulations. We provide a water-tight container to retain the caustic water produced by your concrete job, preventing contaminated water from entering drainage systems and spilling onto your property. Keep a clean image on your work site and let Dakota Sanitation handle the disposal.

If you are confused, give us a call 701-258-4679 and we will help you estimate what you need and give you an approximate cost.

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