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Recycling Fun Facts - An estimated 80,000,000 Hershey’s Kisses are wrapped each day, using enough aluminum foil to cover over 50 acres of space — that’s almost 40 football fields. […]
Cardboard & newspaper collection sites update - Cardboard & newspaper collection sites closed. The cardboard and newspaper collection bins at the 810 8th Ave SE/Dog Park location have been removed because cardboard and […]
Recycling containers and moving - Containers stay with homes. If a resident moves, the recycling containers provided by Dakota Sanitation need to stay at the home even if moving to another […]
Items in Mandan Recycling Causing Problems - A common unacceptable item showing up in containers is plastic grocery bags. Although technically recyclable, the single-sort system is not able to separate the bags on […]
Single-sort Recycling Program Clarifications - Here are a few clarifications for the new curbside single-sort recycling program for Mandan! Please like and share! Getting started. Dakota Sanitation delivered 96-gallon recycling containers […]

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Since 1970's, we have offered rear-load garbage pickup, 96 gallon totes, various sizes of dumpsters and commercial rool-off rentals.

Get To Know Dakota Sanitation

Dakota Sanitation has been serving the Bismarck-Mandan area and beyond since the 1970’s. With our experience and dedication to the community, Dakota Sanitation is North Dakota’s leader in residential and commercial trash removal. Each year Dakota Sanitation makes investments in new equipment and training for our employees. Having top notch equipment and top notch people allows Dakota Sanitation to provide the best garbage collection service in North Dakota.

Over the years, the demand for community recycling services has increased. Dakota Sanitation has been very proactive working with citizens and government officials to plan and implement effective recycling programs. Knowing this is the future of the garbage collection industry, Dakota Sanitation is very proud to make a positive step forward to conserve resources for future generations.